Background and Goals

The Coalition of Pacificans for an Updated Plan and Responsible Planning (CPUP) is a group of Pacificans who came together in 2020 in response to a pattern of unsustainable development allowed by the City. CPUP is a broad coalition across Pacifica that supports sound planning decisions backed by thorough and unbiased environmental and safety reviews, in compliance with environmental law. We seek to build an informed community by providing resources and technical support. CPUP also aims to work with the City in crafting an updated General Plan that is based on current science and environmental standards, and which provides clear and consistent guidelines for development decisions to ensure that new construction benefits all Pacificans.

CPUP is a plaintiff in a lawsuit regarding the recently approved Vista Mar project on Monterey Road based on the fact that the 1980 General Plan is fatally outdated, inadequate, and inconsistent. A legal victory on this case would provide precedence for other projects in Pacifica that raise similar issues relating to the Safety and Conservation elements of the General Plan.

CPUP is a project of Pacifica's Environmental Family, a 501(c)(3) volunteer-run non-profit. All donations to CPUP are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.