Vista Mar

The proposed Vista Mar project is located on Monterey Road, just south of where it intersects with Hickey Blvd. The housing consists of eight luxury condominiums on a 1.2 acre parcel of land with an average 52 percent slope and a history of landslides. Poor storm water drainage and a probable wetland were not considered or studied before Council approved this project. A nearly identical project was rejected in 1991 because of excessive grading and retaining walls, traffic/parking issues and the overall environmental impact.

On behalf of the citizens of Pacifica, CPUP felt compelled to challenge the City on this project because of its potential danger and precedent setting for future projects. The group filed a lawsuit against the City for CEQA violations, including the failure to perform an Environmental Impact Report when multiple experts reported the need for one. A second part of the lawsuit challenges the city’s ability to approve developments because of the inadequacy of the city’s 40+ year old general plan and non-compliance with several state-mandated updates to the Safety and Conservation Elements. A ruling is expected in spring of 2022.

Please see the attached documents and links to prior meetings and documents about the Vista Mar project and the potential dangers it brings.

Javier Chavarria, had submitted a similar application for this property in 1991. Guess what? He was required by the Planning Department to do proper soils analyses as part of the development application (12 soil borings in different areas of the site where the buildings were actually proposed, versus the two borings by the sidewalk allowed in the current application), and those reports found four landslides on the site, one described as active! The City’s geotechnical consultant in the 90’s called for digging pits into the landslides to study them. Chavarria responded by cancelling the project, on March 31, 1992. Then the City somehow forgot about these hazards.

Planning Commission Agenda and Staff Report

Vista Mar Project Plans

Vistamar -08-27-2020 planing set vista mar.pdf

Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration

Including project Geotechnical Report

Vista Mar Public Review Draft ISMND_with Appendices.pdf

Hom Geotechnical Report for 1991 Project

(showing 4 landslides on site)

Hom Soils Report - 1991 _20201015.pdf

Bond Geotechnical/Hydrology Response

Bond Vista Mar Comments 9.18.20 SENT.pdf

Bond Geotechnical/Hydrology Second Response

Bond Vista Mar comment response 11.23.2020 SENT.pdf

Cliff Bechtel - Civil Engineer

201016-Vista Road Project Review-Cliff Bechtel.pdf

Swape Air Quality Analysis Letter

SWAPE 2020.09.16_VistaMar_Comment Letter.pdf

Patrick - Ecology/Wetland

Review of Biological_Report_09-14-2020.pdf

Smallwood Biology Letter

Smallwood Comments Vista Mar 8.30.20 SENT.pdf

Boles letter 8.29.20 Planning Code Violations

Boles Letter to Planning 8.30.20.pdf

Boles Letter 11.22.20 General Plan Violations

Boles Letter to Planning for General Plan appeal 11.22.20.pdf

Elisabeth Boles Climate Change and Hazards Letter

Pacifica Climate Change letter.pdf