Ohlone Point

Harmony One/Ohlone Point

Located above Roberts Road, Lot 3 of Harmon@1/Ohlone Point had two appeals filed against it for violations and CPUP was able to resolve them by working with the property owner, Bijan Khosravi. CPUP members noticed some errors in the project, including:

  • Floor areas that showed different calculations in different places.

  • The requirement for a subdivision architectural control committee, composed of an architect and biologist, to review the plans had not been completed.

  • The drawings didn’t show setbacks or existing trees, a basic requirement in every other city.

  • Improper CEQA analysis for visual impacts.

  • LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold requirements not followed as required for this subdivision.

  • Errors in Planning Dept staff analysis as well as the applicant’s calculations regarding disturbed areas allowed under Pacifica’s Hillside Preseration Ordinace (HPD).

  • The project’s disturbance areas were nearly double allowed under the HPD.

Mr.Khosravi cooperated with CPUP staff by entering a Memorandum of Understandng where both parties agreed to design modifications:

  • The home was brought closer to the street to minimize disturbance.

  • A bedroom wing was rotated away from the prominent ridgeline.

  • The project will comply with LEED requirements.

In the spirit of cooperation several compromises were agreed to, including not requiring a revision to the EIR just an addendum, and not requiring the 3-10 foot berms facing Linda Mar and Pedro Point that were designed to help hide parts of the home from those neighborhoods.

All parties are pleased with the outcome, and we look forward to welcoming Bijan and his family to Pacifica in the very near future! While it is important to remain vigilant, we hope that this successful outcome will be a precedent so that all future homes at Ohlone Point will be in conformance with the laws and conditions of approval.

We could really use your help joining us in voicing concerns at City Council and Planning Commission hearings. If enough voices are heard, they will have to listen. If you are able, please donate at www.cpup.org.