Higgins Way

The Higgins Way development application shows:

Only one access road – Higgins Way

56 home sites requiring Higgins Way to be extended in a loop above the existing Old Coast road/trail.

How will you be impacted by:

• Widening Higgins from 22 to 32 feet?

• Added daily traffic from the 56 proposed new homes?

• Dirt, dust, noise, soil slippage from heavy equipment needed for new road building, future grading, sewer build-out, fire-break and home construction?

Grading a new Higgins Way above the old coast road will require about 3,200 lineal feet of retaining walls above and/or below the road that are estimated to be up to 30 feet high. The plan removes approximately 78,100 cubic yards of dirt from the site (possibly 6,500 dump truck loads). Grading required for the construction of homes is still unknown.

City of Pacifica application materials including current drawings and preliminary environmental review can be found here.