Pacifica's General Plan is a set of documents, required by state law, that detail the long-range vision of development and resource conservation in the city. The last comprehensive update to the General Plan was in 1980, making Pacifica's one of the oldest in the state. In the 40 years since, there have been major changes to the social and physical landscape of the city and to the state of science on natural hazards and safety, particularly with regards to climate change.

While the city released the General Plan, there are major revisions needed to incorporate environmental standards and ensure that City decisions benefit all Pacificans for years to come.

Proposed Development of 56 units at the end of Higgins Road on an environmentally sensitive site with high fire risk, a history of landslides, and only one road access. Project proposes widening and extending Higgins Road just above the coastal trail.

The Vista Mar project is a proposed development of 8 condominiums on a very steep hillside (52% average slope) near the intersection of Hickey Boulevard and Monterey Road. Neighbors have fought this project through the Planning Commission and a City Council appeal. The site contains existing landslides and a probable wetland.

View our press release and legal petition for further information about our concerns and current litigations regarding General Plan and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) challenges.

Other Projects

CPUP is currently reviewing a selection of other projects across Pacifica. Check back here soon for more information, or contact us if you'd like to know more or get involved.